Sunday, 18 December 2011

Out with the old...

I have decided that this Christmas, all I really want is to upgrade and increase my sewing supplies.

So...I started all out with a new desk.

The 'desk' I was using was actually an outdoor table with a glass top!!! That's right, I was sewing and overlocking on glass. It wasn't a big table either so it was always cluttered with stuff and I could never find anything.

It makes sewing so much more pleasurable if everything you need for a project is close at hand just waiting to be used.

Anyways, back to the story...I had a quick look on trusty old ebay to see what was going in the way of a bigger table or desk in my area and success!!....there was a massive L-shaped desk going for auction that was ending soon. I bid and I won.

Still in progress of sorting it out but it is so nice to have an actual desk instead of a table :)

The cutting and measuring area. (please ignore the ribbon hanging behind the child form, looks a bit rude doesn't it. heheh)

The sewing and overlocking area. Notice my 'Brother' sewing machine in the above picture? Well, after getting a new desk, the next thing on my list was to replace my sewing machine. I loved my machine but I was beginning to want more from it, more than it was capable of doing. I upgraded! Spotlight was having a sale on sewing machines and I was going to get one of those until I decided to check out ebay as well. I wouldn't usually get a machine off ebay because it has no warranty etc but I saw one that I really really liked and it was so cheap. And, best of all....I have gone from having 15 stitches to hundreds!

It is a Janome sewing/embroidery machine with touch screen. It is perfect for my needs and I have had so much fun learning all the stitches and even embroidering a few things. It had hardly been used, came with 14 different feet and 3 embroidery hoops and sews like a dream. I am so very very pleased with my bargain.

Next on my list is lots of little bits and pieces from the sewing store like some zippers, basting pins, a hem guide etc etc.

As I am a very impatient person, it drives me insane if I have to put down a project to make a trip to a store to pick something up in order to continue. Of course, if you are a very organised person and actually plan projects out before you start then this would not happen to you but me on the other does. Once I get an idea in my head, I have to start it straight away whether I have the supplies or not! 

Following that on my list is a bigger cutting mat and endless supplies of fabric. OK, I doubt I will ever get the last one but one can only dream :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and stay tuned to see what I have made for my sister-in-law for her birthday, which is on Tuesday :) 


  1. I have a Janome Memory Craft 10000. It is an older model, but looks similar to yours. I have put a lot of miles on mine, and it still works great. I love to sew and make everything from my clothes to gifts. Your sewing desk is very roomy. Good sewing.

  2. your desk is amazing. What a great sewing space. Nana was telling me about your new machine... great bargain. You'll be going into business soon!