Thursday, 22 December 2011

It's the final countdown!!

Not long now til Santa arrives...3 days to be exact. That means I have 3 days to finish a dress and make a top, pants, a clutch and some pillow cases. Should be do-able right?, maybe!!!

Anyways, I have finished my niece's (Sophie, 5) clothes for Christmas. She asked me to make her a dress for Christmas which put a big smile on my dial. (That means she must like the clothes I make).

This is not a great photo because it was late at night when I took it but this is what I started with. The embroidered cotton is a very light cotton and perfect for a summery dress.

I decided to make a pillowcase dress for her. I love how quick they are to make and they look so cute on. I think it will look beautiful on Sophie and hopefully it fits her. (It looked so big making it because I am used to making dresses for Chelsea who is nearly 2).

I wanted to make her something else as well. So I made her a tunic top too. It will look lovely paired with a pair of shorts in the summer and great with some tights and a t-shirt underneath in the winter.

So there is Sophie's Christmas pressies sorted, now on to finishing all the rest of my sewing.

Are you organised for Christmas yet or are you a last minute person like me??

If I don't post again til after Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy the festivities :)


  1. gorgeous Vicky. I'm sure Sophie will love them. It's lovely to be able to make pressies for the family. I'm very impressed.

  2. Love the dresses, they look really lovely. I'm sure Sophie will love them. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with the family. Love you all.