Monday, 19 December 2011

Mini Ironing Board.

While visiting my grandparents last week, I mentioned that I had a 'Wish List' and quite a lengthy one at that! I rattled off all the things that I would like to get and on that list was a mini ironing board.

I have a big ironing board with a huge big steam station iron but it lives upstairs (only place it really fits in our ever growing too small house). When I am sewing and have a million little seams to iron, I am constantly running up and down the stairs to do so. It drives me a little bonkers! I should think of it as good exercise but I don't. I think of it as an annoyance.

Anyhoo, after telling my grandparents this, they said that they had one that lives in their caravan and that I could borrow it....YAY!!

So off I went, home with a mini ironing board and 1 more thing off my list.

This is what it looked like when I got it home. I am very grateful to my grandparents for lending me this but the fabric was not really me!

So I styled it up, Vicky style :) I found this fabric a long time ago at an op shop. It was $2 for 2 metres! I made some Easter bags this year for some of my nieces with it and the rest of it stayed in my fabric pile just waiting....waiting for the day to become a new ironing board cover...Ha ha.

I just love it and I no longer have to run up and down the stairs (for big projects only I guess), making the whole process a lot faster which is always a bonus. It stores nicely on the side of my desk and I just place it on top of the desk when I need it and it can stay there while I work. Perfect!

Have a lovely day...

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  1. what a hoot Vicky. Nana, Granddad and I had a laugh reading this, They like the new Vicky cover!!!! Very handy too