Sunday, 4 December 2011

Charlie's Party

This is an update on yesterday's post - (Lemon Shirrr-bet).

I didn't have enough time to make some PJ's last night like I have originally wanted so this morning when I woke up, I knew I had just enough time to whip up a skirt instead.

I brought a Fat Quarter pack from the fabric shop ages ago and it was 10 FQ's of 'Spotty Negative' in various colours. I decided to use the purple one and paired it up with some plain white fabric and made a 'Market Skirt' using the tutorial from here. I have made a few Market Skirts and just love how easy they are and how cute they look.

Here is the one I made my niece Charlie to accompany the 'Lemon Shirrr-bet' dress...

She will look adorable in them both.

Charlie's party was great fun. The kids had a lovely time and it was held in a park that has Rock pools beside it. While getting the kids in their swimmers before we left (ready to go straight into the rock pools when we arrived), they decided that TV was way more important than me dressing them and this is how I found the 3 of them...

Cheeky right?? ha ha.

I must say, parties that are held at a park where all the kids can run around and burn off the copious amounts of sugar that they have just eaten, are my favourite parties!!

Playing ball with Uncle Chris.

A lovely Sunday indeed.

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  1. the skirt is super cute Vicky and the kids look so'll have to keep that cheeky on for Chelsea's 21st!