Monday, 9 January 2012

100 Projects: #2 - Voodoo Owl Pincushion

I needed a new pincushion as the one I had been using was great but too small. I recently went out and bought heaps more pins because I am sick of running out but I guess what I should have done was completed all the pinned half done projects to get most of my pins back. Now I have an abundance and my lovely old pincushion was just too crowded.

Since I love owls, I thought I would make an owl pincushion. I downloaded the pattern from and got to work.

For the main fabric I used some fabric that was left over from a few other projects. It was a FQ from the Big W of all places that caught my eye and I had to have :) For the wings I used some scrap fabric that I used for my MIL's birthday quilt and for the eyes and nose, I used some felt.

I filled the owl only to about 3/4's full with hobby fill and then filled the rest of the space up with rice so it would have a heavier base. The pattern actually says to use walnut litter (strange!!) but I stuck to rice.

I was happy at how fast this project was and how it turned out. So cute and sweet but then....

I had to start poking pins into my sweet little owl. I felt so mean! I suppose I never really thought much about the project and just went charging in. Anyways, I pinned around the little guys eyes, nose and wings so I don't feel like an evil witch doctor performing voodoo on a nearby owl.

I am still going to use my old one as well. It has some 'yucky' pins on it and lives on the ironing board so when I get all the way upstairs with something that I need to iron a hem on etc and have forgotten my pincushion, it's no biggy, I have one close by!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine went far too fast and I am sure next weekend will go even faster, just because I want it to go as slow as possible. It is now 1 week until Nick leaves to go to Army training for 3 months. I am going to miss him so so much :(


  1. Your pincushion is so cute, and the pin heads make it even better. Time sure does fly when we don't want it to. Hope you can make some good memories before your Nick leaves.

  2. Too cute Vicky. I'm going to Pin this to Pintrest, it's sooo cute. Can't believe the time for Nick to go is coming so soon. Glad you like the shoes too... I was so pleased with how they turned out