Saturday, 7 January 2012

100 Projects: #1 - Spare Underwear Pouch

My quest to complete 100 projects in 2012 has started well.

One of the first projects I have complete so far is a couple of spare underwear pouches. As Hunter and Zade are starting school this year, I am busy organising school stuff. Uniform, shoes, labelling etc etc. I have everything ready to go but I was a little worried about what would happen if they had a little accident at school. Hunter has been known on several occasions to be 'too busy' to go to the toilet (TV seems to be the main distraction).

Anyways, if they happen to have an accident at school because playing in the sandpit is more important than going to the loo, I don't want them to be upset or embarrassed. I made them a little jockey pouch each so that should an incident occur, they can take their pouch to the bathroom (with a spare pair of school shorts), take out the clean pair of jockeys, put them on and then put their wet pair in the pouch, zip it up and put it back in their back. I lined the pouched with plastic so there will be no leakage as well. Clever eh?? hehe.

The boys picked out their own fabric from the stash so they are happy with how their pouch looks. Hunter's choice was 2 charms from a charm pack (Meadow Friends) that I recently bought and Zade's choice was a boy army drill fabric that I got from spotlight a while ago.

Excuse the divots in the chair.
Chelsea and a pen thought it would look good...I did not!

They have the boys seal of approval so now I just have to hope that they actually remember to go to the toilet and don't have to use their pouch all that often.

Project #1 complete. Stay tuned for project's a hoot :)

Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for reading...

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  1. how's a clever Mum. What a great idea Vicky. The pouches are lovely