Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Party Progress...

OK, I have been slack, I know!! I am trying to get all prepared for my boys Cowboy party which is next week. I must say, I have a lot to do before then but for some reason or another, I seem to lack the energy to get the tasks ticked off my list. Oh well, I'm sure it will all come together before the big day :)

As you know, I am trying to make most of the costumes myself (especially the kids ones) so I have been excited about getting some of that done. I have already made Cowboy vests for the boys.

To make these, I got a t-shirt that fitted them well and used that as a pattern. I made a few adjustments...shortened it by 2 inches for a shorter vest, made a big V neck and cut the front down the middle. I used suede fabric that I picked up from a local fabric store in the remnants bin, score! I could have left the edges raw since it won't fray but I overlocked all the edges for a different look. The boys love them and wear them often already :)

Next on the list was an outfit for Miss Chelsea. I wasn't 100% sure on what to make her. I had been to the fabric store to find something but nothing really appealed to me for her. Shock I know!! Anyways, while I was there, I needed to get some red checkered fabric to make the table clothes from but they only had a small red check fabric. I bought it anyways. When looking at it at home, It just didn't look like the right sort of check so I decided to cut it up and create a cute country dress for Chels out of it.

To make this dress I used a self made bodice pattern that fits Chelsea well and a Circle skirt pattern (Pattern: New Look #6688) that I purchased a while ago. You can also find lots of circle skirt tutorials on the web like here and here.

I adjusted the bodice pattern slightly by giving it more of a boat neck and a thinner shoulder seem. I also fully lined the bodice and made it button up at the back.

I then made the circle skirt and sewed the bodice and the skirt together. I added a thin blue belt and a big flower that I made out of scrap blue fabric and a big red button to add a pop to the dress.

It looks amazing on her so I am happy at how it turned out :)

Next on my list is my outfit. I have changed my mind a hundred times as to what I want to wear so far. I think I have finally settled on an idea though, fingers crossed that I can make it look like the plan in my head!

Find out soon (I promise it will be soon) what else I have made....

Until then, take care!


  1. looks like it's coming along nicely Vicky. What a fun party it's going to be. Wish I could be there!

  2. well done you!!!!!!!