Monday, 24 October 2011

I can do the 'Can Can'...

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair. I also said that I brought a few more things than I mentioned in the post. One of those things was some Can Can wool.

I hadn't heard of Can Can wool before but when I saw it at the Craft Fair, I realised that I had actually seen it in the form of a scarf. A local craft shop was selling them and I also saw a lady about a month ago wearing one and at the time I thought to myself "Nice scarf". These scarfs were made using the Can Can wool. 

It is very different to regular wool. It is like a netting fabric that curls up and it comes in a range of colours.

The instructions of how to knit with it are on the inside of the band around the ball. I found the instructions to be very brief and didn't help me much. I turned to the Internet for further advise and was surprised that there were loads of instructions available. Here is the one I found useful but there are plenty of others out there.

This would have to be the quickest knitting project I have ever done. In about 15 minutes, you have yourself and lovely long scarf. I brought the aqua blend colour as I am in love with this colour palette at the moment.

Photo courtesy of Hunter....not a great shot of me but that's the scarf.
They will be great for when we live in Melbourne next winter. I'll be able to wear a scarf everyday :)

Also, the good thing about the Can Can wool is that 1 ball can make several scarfs. Great for Christmas pressies I reckon. Give it a go!!

Stay tuned and Thank You for reading....

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  1. awesome Vicky. I wear lots of scarfs and shawls so I'll have to have a go. I'll have to suss out Spotlight to see if they have it.... or try the Knitwit shop. You'll need the scarf in Melbourne.