Friday, 30 September 2011

Homemade Western Hoedown

The 5th birthday of my twin boys is looming. Every year I plan a party for them. Every year I say that they are only going to have a party every 2 never happens.

I love planning parties. I love creating a really good memory for my children and for our guests. I can't wait until the boys are at school so there will be a lot more children at their party.

I always try to make everything myself....the invitations, the decorations, the food and the goody bags and most years I get most of it done (if I start early enough!) so this year will be no different...hopefully. One thing that I ALWAYS make though without fail is the cake. I love love love making the cake. I always ask the boys what cake they would like for their birthday and they always say "Dinosaur". Well, I have not made them a dinosaur cake yet. Not that I don't want to, its just that I already have a cake in mind when I ask them and I am a stubborn person so they get what I want to make. Perhaps I should stop asking them?? :)

This year I have decided to go with a themed party. It's new for me to do a theme but I really want to try it and hopefully I can pull it off. This will possibly be the last birthday the boys will have with all our family there as we are moving interstate early next year so I really want it to be awesome! heheh

The theme for the boys 5th Birthday Party is....... COWBOYS!

I'm super excited about it and have so many plans already flying around. I have even kindly asked my grandad to help me construct some furniture!

So far, I have made the invitations...

And some bandannas to give each guest when they arrive...

And what is a COWBOY party with a true cowboy hat?? Look what I found...

I've also found a few more hats for people as well as a great outfit that I am going to be wearing.

Next thing on my list is to make the boys waistcoats and chaps. I bought some great suede fabric to make them out of.

Stay tuned for more COWBOY party plans...


  1. what a fun theme Vicky. I had made the boys cards but may have to redo them with this theme in mind. Love your invites and I can just see them in vests and chaps. Take lots of photos.

  2. The cowboy theme is a great idea, those invites are brilliant, looks like it will be lots of fun, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.