Friday, 16 September 2011

Short Jumpsuit.

A while back I purchased a Japanese Children's Pattern book. I love it to bits apart from the fact that it is ALL in Japanese....slight problemo sometimes but generally, its pretty straightforward with all the hundreds of picture diagrams they provide. They also give you heaps and heaps of full sized patterns in the book. It really is amazing and if you are into sewing like I am, then one of these books is a must. It costs $30 sent from Japan for hundreds of patterns. 1 pattern alone at Spotlight is at least $10. So it actually saves you money, money that you can spend on fabric if you are a crazed fabric buyer like me! heheh.

Anyhoo, I have had the book for a while as I said and I have read it from front to back (actually because it is Japanese, it's actually back to front) heaps of times but haven't made anything from it yet. Until now...

Summer is fast approaching and I really love short jumpsuits on kids and well, there was a pattern for them in my book. Yay, my first project from the book. In the book it looks like they use a knit fabric. I didn't have any knit (I do but they have a planned purpose) so I used cotton instead. It was easy to put together but the sizings were a little off. I think they are catered to little Japanese girls and not girls like Chels that have chubby little thighs, a very round bum and a bulging tum. Because of that, I left the elastic out of the waist. They are a great fit without it.

Perfect for summer and another item of clothing to add to Chelsea's summer wardrobe.

What are your favourite summer clothes?


  1. these are so cute Vicky ~ just love them and I can see you will have lots of fun with the book.

  2. My sister has one of these books - I love the photography in them and the pieces. Found you at digital parents from the sewing group! suz