Sunday, 17 February 2013

Simple style

I have been flat out lately and haven't had time to think. For the last 2 weeks, my sewing room has been ocupado with visitors so unfortunately not much sewing has been done. I did however, sneak into the room to complete Chelsea's birthday party dress that I gave you a little peek of in this post. I will post about that in the next few days.

Chelsea received some wonderful gifts for her 3rd party, a lot of beautiful clothes among them. One of the pieces of clothing was a gorgeous dress. This dress has given me an idea. Chelsea love this dress and wants to wear it all the time and because I do wash her clothes, there are days when she can not wear it. Now I know that she has a wardrobe FULL of dresses, but never-the-less, I have decided to create a new version of the dress for her to wear on the washing days of the other. (Any excuse to make a dress hahahaha).

This is how it is starting out...

What a bargain find. I was meeting a friend outside Target today and there was a rack of clothes for sale out the front. I had a browse while waiting and found this orange t-shirt for $1.73!!!! It says 'boys' t-shirt but I think orange looks great on girls too. So this is part of the dress.

The second half (bottom half) of the dress is made from some black check fabric that I have had in my stash for a while. I am going to pleat it and attach it to the t-shirt.

So that's how the dress has started so far, stay tuned for the finished product and I will put up a photo of the inspiration dress as well. 

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and please enjoy your week ahead :-)

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  1. This is going to look awesome Vicky. Can't wait to see the finished dress. Loved the party one. The colours were beautiful