Wednesday, 16 January 2013


OK Peeps... I have some very very exciting news...

I won the Jackpot! Hahahah the sewing jackpot that is. In fact, I have gone to sewing heaven. 

You see, here in Melbourne we have a wonderful FB site called 'Pay it forward'. It's where people post pictures of things they are wanting to give away...for FREE. So anyways, I have given away a few things on there. Just little things like Chelsea's baby carrier. A new mum will get lots of use out of it and saves her money on buying one. Also some play station games. We don't have a play station anymore and the games are so expensive to buy so I gave heaps of them away too. I was having a browse through the posts the other day and a lady had put up a post saying that she had heaps of Burda magazines from the 1960's and 70's. There were a few ladies who had put their names down for them but it was something that I wanted too so I put under the last persons comment "Long shot but next in line please" I even used a smiley face at the end. I never thought anything more about it because obviously any sewing enthusiast would LOVE them! Well, the first few ladies didn't want them so it came to my turn. I jumped at them...I was really excited about getting them and reading through some Burda magazines for some sewing inspiration and I was hoping that some of them still had all their patterns in them. I had plans the next day which put me out and about in the car so I arranged to pick them up on my travels. 

Little did I know what was waiting for me. 

I arrived at the address I had been given and started walking up to the door, when a lady from a car that had just pulled up outside the house asked me who I was. She turned out to be the sister. She kindly let me in and lead me through what was her late mum's house. Walked into a room and OMG!! The Burda magazines she spoke of were not just a few that I had thought in my head, but boxes of them :) Arrggh I was excited, I started carting them to the boot of my car when the sister (who had just finished talking to the lady on the phone) turned around and said that "all those boxes over there" and pointed to another mountain of boxes, "are patterns, you can have those too". What!! really!! So I started racing them to the car just in case she changed her mind. So I loaded up the car, we have a station wagon and I had to even put stuff on the back seats! Then she told me that I should just take all the craft folders that were there as well. Wahoo!! 10 trips to the car later and what an amazing adventure I had. I could not thank her enough or her sister when I spoke to her on FB afterwards. The whole drive home I was buzzing with ideas and visualizing myself going through everything and drooling over all the gorgeous clothes I can make now :)

Want a pic of just how much I received??


When I got home I started going through my haul and I came across lots of loose bits of paper, recipes, soft toy patterns (lots of those actually) all from the 1960's. Among these papers were these lovely cut out dolls. My daughter is going to love it!

So now comes the hard parts. 1) Sorting it all out into some sort of order and 2) deciding what I should make first, ooh the hundreds of possibilities :-)

I cannot believe my good luck. I am definitely in line for big things this year and I think this is just the start, on the right track for me.

Until next time and have a good night... :)

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  1. How amazing Vicky. What a haul. You certainly will be in sewing heaven for sure. Can't wait to see what you make.